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Turn Off Front Page Extension


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I was going to turn off Front Page extension but I got a message warning me I would lose access to any htaccess files.

I'm not really clear what htaccess files are but I know when I installed a forum on smf, they suggested I add an htaccess file to my smf folder which I did. It was actually a file that I copied and pasted so nothing I came up with, except I then created a 404 page and added a link to that page on the htaccess file so now my question is, if I uninstall the Front Page extensions, do I just need to create a new htaccess file and if so, do I just copy and paste what was on my original htaccess file?

I have 3 forums for smf and all three have the htaccess file then I also have an htaccess file for my domain and it looks as if this is the only place that uses the Front Page extensions. The htaccess file starts out like this: # -Front Page-.

I don't use Front Page for designing my web sites.

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ok. thanks but do you think I need anything that's on the file for my domain? The one that says Front Page?

I didn't create that htaccess but I did add a line to it about the 404 error. I don't have any idea what any of the information means on that page except for the one about the error document 404.

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