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Welcome To Nginx!?

Lois Jeanette

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I keep getting an error message on various websites I go to stating, "Welcome to NGINX." Later when I went back I could get onto the sites. Yet it became more and more frequent until I quit using Firefox and went to Google. Now it has started showing up again on Google.


I do not know what NGINX is, but I know I do not use it. My sense is that it is nefarious.


In googling this question I found an old discussion on this topic here at your forum, but with no answer as to the resolution. I am having the same problem. I have a small business at home on my personal computer with a server that actually hosts some mega-big companies. As I said, I was using Firefox and finally gave it up and went to Google, but now it is coming up on Google occasionally. Also, as of this past week, my business bank account online will not work...I mean, the password quits working over and over and now the bank cannot get it to re-set. Any ideas as to what to do will be deeply appreciated.


Do I need to take Windows off and have it re-installed?


(I am not a computer whiz, but have been using one for business purposes for about 15 years.)




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@ Thomas

Yes, the other discussion is how I got here, by googling the question. But on that discussion, no final solution is mentioned. It is just left up in the air. Wish I knew how to get in touch with the person who was having the problem so I could ask what she eventually did.


@ Bruce

I recently cleared my cookies. I guess I need to figure out how to clear history and cache...





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