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Some Interesting Reading On A Corrupt System


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Ok, I know our judicial system and our goverment in general(local,state,and federal) could use some improvement. But I would not get exited by the ranting of one man. Take this qoute from that article

"And where there is a law that classifies what we do as "unauthorized practice of law" then those laws are unconstitutional and we have a duty to break those laws and oppose those who enforce them."
Seriously, hes so concerned and wants to fix what he calls problems, by breaking laws. I don't think that is very intelligent. Not to promote this nut but read the rest of his site and you will understand.


Heres some more from his site:


"I Ran for Congress because I have such little respect for the Government"

"I'm a political activist and a member of both the Democrat and Republican parties"

"I wrote a Men's Guide to using Escort Services and I'm writing an Instructional Book on Sex"


And this is news to me

"As a visionary of the computer industry, I have become a minor celebrity in the world of nerds"


In closing don't take everything you read to heart. But on that same note don't let my words influence you, read the rest of his site and draw your own conclusion.

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