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File Uploads Via Form Are Failing

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Visitors submit photo files on my site by uploading them via an HTML form so that they are emailed to me. They do not upload files directly to the public_html web space. To accomplish this, I have used Ultimate Form Mail for many years, which had been recommended for use on TCH.


With more and more frequency, the uploaded files are failing. For example, someone may upload three photos, which is the maximum number on the input form. I'll receive the resulting email and perhaps get only one of the three files, although Ultimate Form Mail lists in the email all three files. That's how I know that two are missing. I had a case today where someone uploaded only two files, and neither came through. Thankfully, the person was willing to email the files to me so that I could know the file sizes that failed. One of the files was 2.1 MB. The other file was only 58 KB. Neither file came through attached to the email via Ultimate Form Mail.


It's very frustrating for the submitted files to be lost this way and it's happening more and more often now. Without a fix for this, the only thing I can do is contact the submitter and request that they email the lost files. They usually find this annoying as it is an inconvenience for both them and me.


I have asked if they've received any error message during the upload. They all have reported that there was no error message. The uploads always appear to complete successfully. This led me to believe that the uploads could be timing out on larger file sizes. I've made adjustments to override default PHP settings in my .htaccess. So far, nothing has worked to fix the problem. I made a further change last night, after reading other threads. But still today, we have the case of the 2.1 MB and 58 KB files combined upload failing.


Here is what I now have in .htaccess in the public_html directory (Ultimate Form Mail, however is in a subdirectory -- should there be an .htaccess file in its directory with these statements?):


<IfModule php_config>

#php_flag register_globals off

php_value max_input_time 2400

php_value max_execution_time 2400

php_value memory_limit 40M

php_value post_max_size 14M

php_value upload_max_filesize 14M



Any assistance in solving this mystery would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi Steve,


Please contact our Help Desk (link on my signature and on the top menu) with your domain name. This can be resolved by using an account wide php.ini file which our techs will gladly set for you.

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