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Photographs Downloading To Too Many Programs

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I have a lot of photos on my computer. At the moment I have them set to download to Windows Photo Gallery. What I've discovered is they also load to Windows Live and Picasa.


I used Picasa for years. I have all my albums on there. Unfortunately my password stopped working and I was unable to access my albums as the "owner" and can only "view" them via an old "signature" I use in my emails. Try as I may to convince Google the albums are mine ... well you know how far I'm getting with that idea!


I don't really want or need Windows Live and am going to "try" to delete all of it. Is there any reason to keep it?


I appear to have multi copies of my photos plus a back up copy on another drive.


I'd appreciate your comments.


Many thanks.

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If you have the actual images it wouldn't be an issue getting rid of any of the online versions.



Thank you Bruce.

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