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Getting My Mail To Work On Another Isp Connection

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I am getting to fly back to the states to visit my friends and family for the summer.


Every year when I go back, I take my trusty laptop with me. My cunning plan is to use my folks, friends, free wifi hotspot to use my outlook to download my mail from my home ISP.


The problem is that other ISPs don't take kindly to me trying to access my home (in Germany) ISP' for the emails.


It took me about 75% of my vacation last year to figure out what I needed to do... and this year I have a new laptop and forgot what I did last time to make it work.


So, in an unusual attempt (for me) to be proactive, I wanted to try to set it up BEFORE i left....


Anyone know what I need to do to make my connection more palatable to a "strange" ISP? If I recall correctly, it was something to do with the port


Thanks, in advance!

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