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Can I Make My Site Work Without And Internet Connection?


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Hi everybody,


First of all thanks a lot for the many times you have helped me


Well, let´s see if you can give me a hand with this. In three weeks time I will have to be fighting for a job in a Spanish school. I will have to be doing an exam and exposing my didactic programming and I have created a primary teaching resources website which I will be using to complement an oral exposition:




The problem is that I don´t really want to depend on having an internet connection. These exams only take place once every two years and I don´t want to be in the middle of my exposition and lose my internet connection.


The question is: Can I make the site work from my computer without having an internet connection? If so...could you please give some basic guidelines on how to do it?


Thanks a lot in advance!



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You won't be able to access your website without an internet connection but that doesn't mean you can't put it on your hard drive and run it locally. Depending on what you're using, if it's straight html, you can do that with no problems. If you are using PHP you will need to be running a PHP server on your machine as well as Apache web server. If you are needing access to a database you will also need MySQL. You can get all that with XAMPP.

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