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New Hp Notebook Glitches

Mrs. Muddled

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New laptop problems:


Question #1:


Deleted Office 2010. Just want to use WordPad that came with new HP Notebook. Don't need big Office program.


When we deleted Office 2010 WordPad would no longer open .doc files.


We set WordPad as the default to open whatever files it could.


Just received a new Office Open xml.document file via email and it opened in WordPad. It was a .docx file.


Yes, we've tried re-booting computer.


Question #2:


Got talked into using Windows "Live" Mail. We were using Windows Mail on the desktop. Now when we first try to open the Windows "Live" Mail on the new computer we always get an alert that says:




Windows Mail cannot be started. The application was unable to open Windows Mail message stored. Your windows mailbox data is currently being used by another program such as a virus scanner. Close the program or wait for it to complete its operation then open Windows Mail again.(0x800C0155)"


So, it is apparent the old Windows Mail is still lurking in the background and needs to be deleted so Windows Live Mail can open.


Your comments appreciated as always.





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As I mentioned in my post ... the docx file DID open with WordPad. It's the normal .doc files that aren't opening.




If you do not have Office 2010 Installed, you would need a compatible viewer to view .docx files.


My friend uses this one and is happy.



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Ok Bruce ... I've just downloaded OO. I vividly remember trying to switch to OO years ago ... and got myself into a whole mess of trouble with the man of the house! It did weird things to some of his files. Fingers crossed I haven't done a repeat.:clapping:


Thanks guys for your responses. I always appreciate them.



Still haven't figured out the second problem with the conflict betwee Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail.


Have to watch the hockey game now! GO CANUCKS!!!!

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