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Please Kill Me (trying To Install Phpnuke)


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ok, ive been trying for hours to get PHPNUKE to work.. I heard it was easy, and ive been going by this tutorial i found: http://www.nuketutorials.com/phpnukeall.html


I got to this part:


4. The Database (MySQL)


And I don't know what I am doing now.. All the files are uploaded, and It says to go to myPHPadmin, whiich i go to in my CPANEL, and it looks nothing like what he shows on his page.. I am so lost.. If anyone would be able to help me, you can post here, or contact me on either:


MSN - ultimaoutcast@hotmail.com

AOL - outcast007

Yahoo - ultima_outcast


I am begging. Please save me from the insanity.

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