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Spammers Using My E-Mail Account

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Hi All


Just wondering if there is any way to stop the spammers from using my e-mail account. I see lots of mail rejection notices now and it is obvious that it is spammers from the message. I posted a ticket on this with the help desk and they said to change the password on the account, I did to a random 12 character PW and I still see the problem. Can anything be done to stop this????


Any suggestions welcome.




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Normally there will be two reason for this


1. Some one is spoofing your email


2. Your mail account got compromised or hacked.


If you please update the recent ticket JBD-575-28226 with the full header of the recent bounced mails, we shall confirm you whether it is spoofed mail or it was sent from your account by hacking it. If you have any issues to reply to the existing ticket, please feel free to open a new ticket.

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Thanks for the reply, I do just that the next time I see a bounced mail reply. May not be until later today or tomorrow.


Thanks again


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