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Frontpage Tutorial


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I've noticed a lot of posts recently pointing out that Frontpage produces a lot of invalid HTML and IE specific material, and I don't disagree.


This however does not detract from the fact that there are a lot of people out there who still use FrontPage, myself included.


I use FrontPage to create web pages that are W3 compliant and also meet web accessibility guidlines found at Bobby's site for example.


So I figured I would write a brief tutorial detailing for novice FrontPage users how to modify what FrontPage makes to make it more acceptable.


Hope it help someone out there.


The tutorial wouldn't fit here so I've moved it to an external page.

Hope that's OK.


[Link removed as it no longer works]



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Great work! It's good to see folks posting positive messages. Most of the times I have seen "Front Page" used it turns into a bash or a flame war.


I'm glad to see the positive outlook on the product. We all have tools we are comfortable with... whether they are the ones most generally accepted as being the most efficient (or best or easiest...) or not... and these tools can make life easier for those willing to use them properly.


Your tutorial helps us do that - thanks!

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Thank you,

I'll will improve and update the tutorial soon, it's still only a first draft.

I would like to give it a lot more time as soon as I have some free.

Thumbs Up

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