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Odd Excel Behavior - Seeking Suggestions


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I have my computer set to require double click to open folders, files.

Works for everything except for EXCEL files.


If I click an Excel file to select (for copy/paste/rename, anything) it opens.

If I click on more than one excel file, they all open.


ONLY happens with Excel and I can not find any setting that needs to be changed to stop this behavior.

Drives me nutso! Constantly closing files I did not intend to open.


Any suggestions are welcome.


win 7/64 bit, Office 2010/Excel 2010

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Yes. I tried setting everything to one click.


Set all to two clicks


same result for the last couple months.


Just one of those wacky things I was just living with...but last Window/Office update seems to have changed behavior to normal.

Tried to record screen behavior and it works properly now.


fingers crossed

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