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404 Errors In Category Links And Tag Links


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I opened a support topic on Wordpress but thought I'd ask here as well...


When I click on a category link or tag link, I get a 404 error, page not found. Anyone else experience this?





Interestingly, when I click on one of the category links, "Artwork", it takes me to a single post rather than listing them all (and there are a few). Otherwise, all the others take me to a 404 error page. I think this occurred when I upgraded to WP 3.1 because the rss feed I have on my Google homepage (linking to Blu-ray reviews), the last post was from Feb 22 and 3.1 was made available on the 23rd.


Anyway, the posts and pages themselves are fine, so it's just the category and tag links. I did try the permalink fix but that did nothing.


Thanks in advance,




Edit: I did some googling and found out that indeed something may be wrong with WP 3.1. In a post entitled "WordPress 3.1 Problem Permalink 404 errors", there was a response below describing my problem:


I am having a similar problem after upgrading to 3.1. I like to have my Permalink setting on the “Day and Name” option, and the links to my posts and pages work fine. The 404 pops up when I click on the link for any tag or category. If I set Permalinks to “Default”, the 404 no longer activates, but the relevant page always says “No Posts Found”, which, of course, doesn’t make any sense since I just clicked on a tag or category listed for an existing post.


Here's that link to read:


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