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Database Ideas? Total Newb!

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I have a website that is dedicated to collecting a specific company's guitars (Reverend Guitars). I am getting requests from visitors that I create a searchable database that users can upload images to and make changes etc.


That might be clear as mud, so let me set the stage.


There are less than 5000 musical instruments made by the company. There were various models, options and colors available, and each instrument had a serial number.


SN 04111 for example, was a Model: Slingshot Color: Lava Swirl, Neck: Maple, Tremolo:Bigsby, there are some other data fields, but you get the idea.


Users want to be able to do a search on the website for Lava Swirl, Slingshot, and get the information for those guitars.


Simple enough, but what would be cool is, if you owned SN 04111, then you could upload pictures of it to the database, so that others could see it when they queried the database. Also, if any changes were made to the guitar, users could add that information, for example, tuners switched to Sperzel locking tuners etc.


And of course, I want to do this on the cheap. I searched online database softwear and got lots of folks that wanted to sell me a service that will "do it all" for the low price of $300 ever month.


Its a labor of love, and not a business site.




Any suggestions?



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What about a forum type site. Users can upload photos, you control the forum sections, etc. Something like SMF (Simple Machines Forum). If not that then you could search hotscripts.com for something more to your liking.

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The problem is that there is already a dedicated forum run by the guitar maker my site covers.... and honestly, does anyone really need another forum to be a member of?

It sounds like it be getting a jackhammer to drive a few finishing nails.


But then again, I've already said I don't know what I am talking about...

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I agree with Bruce on the forum idea.


You can not only upload pictures and everything else that Bruce mentions. It can also contain several different sections for different purposes, like discussions, sell / buy / trade, contest...only imagination puts an end of what it can used for. It´s also a great way for interaction.

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