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Increase Of Disk Space: Silver Legacy Plan?


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Hello TCH users and moderators!


I've been a TCH user for years, and am a little bit confused after receiving an e-mail from TCH on February 21.


I currently have the Silver plan, which I've been paying $5.00 precisely, per month. In my most recent invoice, I noticed the plan was listed as "Silver Legacy." I was wondering what, exactly, is the difference between "Silver Legacy" and the Silver plan--if any.


In the e-mail I received, it discusses an increase of disk space. I'm not 100% sure where, in my Control Panel, to look to see total disk space available. Can someone please inform me of that?


Also: In the user forum's About Total Choice Hosting>Web Hosting With TotalChoice - More Specifics> Web Hosting Plans section, the post for the Silver Plan appears to be dated 2003. I noticed the post for the Starter Plan is from 2003 also.


If the e-mail is correct, and disk space is in fact being increased, will these plans be involved? If so, then will the user forum posts for the plans be updated?



Thank you very much for your assistance.

J. Danniel

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The plans in the forums have not been updated to reflect the changes. You can look at the hosting plans page to see the new plans.


To see that your disk space has been increased in cPanel log into yours and look under stats. You should see similar info as in the image posted here for the silver plan. If you do not, please open a ticket with the help desk.


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