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Custom Squirrelmail Doesn't Work Anymore


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hi all,


i have a custom squirrelmail installation that I'd really like to keep. since some time now (a couple of months), i can't attach files when composing emails - I could before. as i understand there's been an upgrade of PHP, which seems to be the problem.

my attachment directory permissions are fine (no changes from before). the error I get is "Could not move/copy file. File not attached", as described here:




so, as I understand, I don't have access to the php.ini file, but could include a command in my .htaccess file (in which directory?) referring to upload_dir, so as to fix the problem.


two questions:

1. would this work? (creating an .htaccess file - would it override the php.ini settings sitting in the server root?)

2. what should the line in .htaccess say, assuming my attachment directory, is, say, mydomain/attachments (i.e. one level immediately below the root, at the same level as the public_html directory, public_ftp directory, etc)?


any hints appreciated!

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