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Simple .htaccess Question


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I am trying to install gallery. I am getting a "short_open_tag" needs to be on error message. What is the code that I need to place in the .htaccess in my public_html folder to enable that function? I have tried adding "php_flag short_open_tag on" but it causes a 500 error. What is my mistake?


Thank you for any help!

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Posted here as it seems a very closely related issue...


I'm working on Gallery as well (v2), and I would like to be able to upload files above 2Mb in size. I've followed TCH-Bruce's advice, code as follows:


><IfModule php_config>
php_value upload_max_filesize 10M


That's all that's in the .htaccess file in the gallery root. When the file is there I can't upload any images (there are no errors, even in debug mode), and when the file is not there I can - provided they are less that 2Mb of course!


This seems a weird one, and I haven't been able to find anything on the Gallery forums. Any ideas what might be happening?





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