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I was just on another discussion board recommending TCH and suggesting the person stop by and check out the cPanel demo. When I went to get the address for the demo, I clicked on it to make sure I was getting the right thing and was surprised to see a totally different version of the cpanel appear on the demo screen than what I have.


Will all the servers be updated to the new interface, or just left on the interface they have? I'm on server 26.



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The interface they have is called "skin X" and whilst looking all nice and pretty, we have found a few flaws in it which could mean potential problems for our clients. Hence we have stuck to what we have at present, which in all honesty, is alot quicker to get around.


As a side note, we have the latest update to CPANEL at present. What you saw is just a "skin"



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"I see" says the blind one! Thanks for the info!!


I had read on some other post that Cpanel was upgraded (to 7 I think I saw). I'm still getting used to the current interface, so am glad it's staying around a while longer.


It's also reassuring that TCH has folks that understand it well and are keeping an eye open for potential headaches. As usual, TCH is ahead of the curve!! Rock Sign



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