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Pointing New Domains To Existing Account


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I have a starter account under one domain. I just purchased a separate domain which I would like to point to WP (not at top level).

I'm not sure which to do first. Install WP on the account - which doesn't let you type in the new domain name.

Or do we have to put a redirect on the main account that says 'expect these domains' to be used.


Is there a place in the CPanel that hooks my new domains to my old starter account?


thanks gang,


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Hi Michelle and welcome to the forums. :eek:


Let me get this straight. You have a starter account which is good for hosting a single domain name. If you wish to have multiple domain names pointing to different content will require additional accounts or a reseller account.


Per the Totalchoice Acceptable Use Policy

TotalChoice Hosting provides storage space and access for web sites through its Web services. TotalChoice Hosting will not routinely monitor the contents of your web sites. You may only host one domain per virtual account; resellers are allowed to host unlimited domains.


However if all of your domain names point to the root of your website (public_html) then you can open a ticket with the help desk and have them park the additional domain names on top of your current domain.


Hope that helps.

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