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I recently created a PCI Compliance profile with Trustwave per my agreement with my gateway. The scan of my website failed due to the version OpenSSL on server. Is this a know issue with PCI scans with TCH, or are there any plans to upgrading OpenSSL to their recommended .9.8m?

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Kindly note that PCI compliance will not be successful on a shared hosting platform due to the nature of its shared setup. There will be non standard ports opened, IP will be shared etc. You will need a dedicated server for the tests to be fully compatible.


Regarding OpenSSL, on RedHat / CentOS servers, patches are applied to the stable version to address vulnerability rather than releasing a new version. The version we are running on the server is patched for the PCI compliance standard. You can get more information on this HERE. Let me know if this is not the case.

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