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Modem And Wireless Router


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so i just moved so we needed a interent so we got the comcast just internet.

when we were ordering the internet they asked if i like to

rent the modem or like to buy our own

so we told them we would buy my own modem since it was pretty expensive to rent it

and we wanted wireless since i have laptop and we are going to buy the desktop sooon

so we went out bought it and the comcast guy told me that i bought the wrong kind.

however i said that i would buy my own modem they got me DPC3000 model and they told me to just get an wireless router


so here is my question...

1. do u guys think i am renting the modem from comcast?

2. if i am renting what modem/ wireless router should i buy?(i want a modem and wireless togerther in one)

3. and if it is not renting should i just buy the wireless router??


thank you for the help

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Welcome to the forums jongbum528 :)


I don't have comcast so not sure what they are telling you. I do have RoadRunner through Time Warner and they provided the modem free with the service. I bought my own D-Link wireless router DI-615 but also have used LinkSys and Netgear wireless routers.

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