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Opinions On Microsoft Publisher 2007....


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I have one website that i built with web easy pro 8. It is a wywsiwyg program and pretty easy to learn. I was able to acquire microsoft office 2007 that has microsoft publisher on it. i wont to build an additional website with it just to learn something new. Has anyone used it that can give an opinion. Is it possible to open the files once save on a pc to add custom meta tags. It is not possible to add more than page title, description and keywords in the program. All comments are appreciated.

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I don't know about Publisher 2007, but I experimented with Publisher 2003 when I first got the idea to build a website. Even though I knew absolutely nothing about web design or HTML, it only took me a couple of hours to decide that Publisher had been intended for print publishing, not web publishing, and that web publishing must have been added as an afterthought.


In retrospect, if I had continued with Publisher, I don't think I would have learned any HTML skills that would transfer to another web page editor. So my two cents input is that you would be better off using anything other than Publisher, even Notepad.


Obviously, if you just want to learn something (anything) new, or experiment with graphic design ideas, Publisher could be interesting and useful for your layout *ideas*, but I suspect when it comes time to put your ideas on a real web page for publishing, you'd end up rebuilding the page from scratch in a real web design program, to match the layout you'd created in Publisher. Since (if your experience is like mine) using Publisher doesn't teach you any HTML skills to help you do that, your time spent in Publisher would have been wasted.

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