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Please Add Reallydumbstuff.com


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Hello...another site of mine for you to possibly add to the family!!!


link: http://www.reallydumbstuff.com


title: ReallyDumbStuff.com


description: Lots of really dumb sites.


Rank Evaluation please!!! thanks!!!

Keywords interested it: dumb, bored, stupid, dumb sites, stupid sites



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just wondering if i was forgotten about... :( ....make note that this is reallyDUMBSTUFF.com and not reallyFUNARCADE.com.....thanks!!

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Dont worry, you arent forgotten. I am sure Scott will get to this soon. Unlike the rest of the forums where we have a few mods on at any given time while the rest of us are doing offline events, this is a Scott only event and he has his hands in many pots.


If he doesnt get here soon let me know. I will break out the :(





P.S. Dont hurt me Scott, I was only kidding. Honest. ...runs to hide in the corner....

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Your site has been added to our Nonprofit and Informational Sites page.


SEO thoughts (random order):


1. You have multiple <head> tags :unsure:


2. ... and title tags.


3. ... and body tags.


4. Use alt tags on all images (use keywords).


5. <title>Really Dumb Stuff - Your Source For Stupidity and Other Dumb Things</title>


6. <meta name="description" content="Really Dumb Stuff is a comprehensive list of the dumbest sites on the Internet.">


7. <meta name="keywords" content="dumb,really dumb,dumb sites, stupid sites,

boring sites,boring websites,dumb websites,really dumb websites,really dumb news,reallydumbstuff.com">


The best advice I can give you is to get your code cleaned up; bad code can prevent you from being indexed.


Good luck.

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