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Title: The Semware Editor

Purpose: Text editor

Category: Utility

Rightful Owner: The Semware Corporation @ www.semware.com

Cost: Free trial / $99.00 for complete version.


I have been using this editor for over 8 years and think it is the absolute best at what it does. It is a text editor which means that it doesn't do fancy underlines and a bazillion fonts, but what it does is edit text well.


The editor has a HUGE and very complete macro programming language that makes it easy for you to program it to behave any way you want it to. There are many pre-made macros that the editor uses that you can modify if you don't like them and the users have contributed hundreds of their own macros to an archive maintained at the site.


This editor is great for doing HTML code too. It has syntax hiliting for most languages and produces clean code without adding any junk to your web site pages too. I personally love it and I think you will to if you need a text editor.

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Cool. I'll have to check this out. I usually use a simple (and free) text editor called Crimson Editor which I really like.


But what I currently need is something that has a find&replace feature for multiple files, without having to open them all first. I'll check and see if this editor has that...

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