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Site Not Displaying


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I'm puzzled about where to start trouble shooting this problem.


I went to my website this morning to find the browser displaying blank web pages.


The site is built using the core Expression Engine (1.6)


Looking at files on the server it appears that everything is intact


I'm guessing that something is wrong with EE.


The reason for this is that I have one page outside of the EE environment, a landing page, and it displays as expected. So this suggests the EE might be the source of problem.


My guess is that I have to reinstall EE and recover the database content from the database backup



However, before I start that process I thought I would ask if anyone has any other suggestions on a possible cause for this problem.



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Please see if this thread has something to do with it.



Thanks for the feedback.


I'm not sure I'm knowledgeable enough to know the implications of the changes.


Of the three items mentioned


1. Regarding php scripts. I have not created any php scripts. I suppose its possible EE uses php scripts. I'll assume for the moment that this is not related to the problem.

2. Regarding permissions. The only place I can see where permissions are set to 777 is in a cache folder that is inside of the EE installation folder. I don't understand the purpose of this folder, and I assume that its created on installation.

3. I haven't made any changes to .htaccess file for the EE installation.


So I feel as though I don't know the implications of the aforementioned changes or what to do to investigate further.


I'd appreciate any help or guidance you can provide.



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I would imagine EE is all php as is WordPress and other blogging platforms. Please open a ticket with the help desk (link above or in my signature) and have one of the techs have a look.






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