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Wordpress 3.0.1 Released


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Just to demonstrate I went to update one of my plugins and here is the result.


Downloading update from http://downloads.wor...rm-…


Unpacking the update…


Installing the latest version…


Deactivating the plugin…


Removing the old version of the plugin…


Could not remove the old plugin.


Plugin upgrade failed.


Actions: Return to Plugins page

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I have had the same problem as Carbonize since WordPress started offering automatic updates. I have had success perhaps twice. I do delete the upgrade folder but this doesn't always seem to matter.


This time I got the following error message and I know another TCH customer has had the same message:


Downloading update from http://wordpress.org/wordpress-3.0.1.zip…


Unpacking the update…


Verifying the unpacked files…


Installing the latest version…


Could not copy file.: /public_html/wp-admin/css/theme-editor.dev.css


Installation Failed


I have pretty much opted for updating manually from now on as this method gives me far less headaches. This time - I was able to update a theme and one plugin automatically but I had to update one plugin manually. It really is 'hit and miss'.



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Hi Bruce,


Yes, I do use my cPanel username and password and I have always done that. I remember contacting the Help Desk about this problem quite some time ago now - I would have to look at the history but I don't think it was ever really resolved. I have 2 blogs - one is a test blog - they do reside on 2 different servers.


I thought you always updated your blogs using the manual method?



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