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when setting up an email autoresponder, there's a field labeled "interval" -- what exactly is that for? the instructions on that screen say "the interval is the time period in hours between automatic responses to the sender", but i seriously doubt that's really what it means -- surely you don't want the same message to be re-sent every X hours. the video tutorial for that screen doesn't match the screen, so it's of no help. i've done some testing and it appears that field is not really used for anything -- regardless of what i enter there, the auto-response is sent immediately and only once.

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The way autoresponders work I believe is that if personX emails you and they receive an autoresponse, if they then email you again before the interval time has elapsed they will not receive another autoresponder



So for example


PersonX emails you at 1pm - They receive an autoresponse

Your autoresponse interval is set to 6 hours


If they send you another email between 1pm and 7pm they will not receive another autoresponse


If they email you at 8pm they will again receive an autoresponse and the interval gets reset.



It is just a way to ensure that you don't get autoresponse pong going on I think and to limit the number of emails being sent. i.e if personX emailed you, then turned their autoresponse on, your autoresponse would respond, then their autoresponse would respond to your autoresponse, and so on. This can and has taken down email servers in the past.

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