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Virtual Dedicated Server Security


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I'm getting a question from a client that I'm not sure I know how to answer. It's about security in a Virtual Dedicated Server environment. They are looking for some assurance of security, the site would be storing proprietary company info that would be for their use only.


If I understand this right, there are several independent partitions on a VDS, each with its own OS, web server, mySQL server, etc. The only thing they share is hardware resources of memory and disk space.


The question that they have is: could someone with Admin rights on one partition access another partition on the same server?


Another related question: who exactly would have access to more than one partition? Assume it would be only TCH admins?




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On a dedicated server the customer, anyone they give access, and TCH techs are the only ones that have access to the machine.


On a shared server there are multiple clients that have access to their space while the techs have access to all of them.


Hope that helps.

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What I'd like to be able to tell them is their account is as secure in a Virtual Dedicated Server partition (not a virtual hosting account) as it would be on a fully Dedicated server where they were the only client on the machine.


Would that be accurate?


Seems like overkill to recommend a fully dedicated server for a corporate info site.



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Hi Sam,


Yes, a virtual dedicated server look and perform exactly like a dedicated one. Even though each client on a VDT will have root access to his configuration, only Level 2 techs and above will have access to the entire server. Each VDT server is preped just the same way as any dedicated offering, so you have no cause to worry about security issues.


Let me know if you have further questions.

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