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I have read many times that with Win XP, to limit control that a bug/infection, users should not run as administrator for general computing. Create a user account with lesser abilities for everyday, use admin for maintenance (install/etc).

MS statement about it:



Should the same thing be done with Win 7?


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Thanks Bruce. Will do. Only one user on the unit, but want to have it as protected as possible from day 1.



I have been reading about the "hidden" default administrator account in Win 7 and seem to get conflicting info about it. By default it is disabled. Should I enable that default "administrator" and use it for my admin needs, or create a separate account with admin privileges to handle the maintenance activities? Would there be a real difference? Probably not as long as it is password protected.

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Ok. That was my first thought too.


It's just that I have read such conflicting info re win 7 admin account...should/should not enable.

Separate Admin account does not have the same abilities as the win 7 admin default account, blah blah...

Why make it such a headache?


Finally found a piece of the puzzle that makes sense as to why using a standard user w/admin rights instead of the built-in (default hidden) admin account:

I dont see why anyone needs to use it unless there's a problem with their usual account, I don't use it because the built-in administrator account just runs with virtualization and UAC disabled and also causes problems with some older xp/2000 applications (i.e. CivilCad & Visual Studio) that need the virtualization to run properly on Vista/Windows 7.


XP was simple. Use Admin for maintenance, Use User account for main use. Done.

A must on a networked environment. We had a couple minor infections on desktops but since they were not in admin mode, the infections could not spread to others.

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