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Wordpress Automatic Updates

John Carney

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I have a WordPress blog installed on my TCH-hosted site. When I try to use the automatic update feature from within WordPress to update a plugin, or WordPress itself, it works forever and then gives me a message saying that it could not open the proper directory. Then, if I try to even look at my site for a few minutes after that, I get an error message saying that the site is "briefly unavailable for maintenance."


I have the proper FTP information entered in WordPress.


Is this a file permissions issue? Is there something I need to tweak?

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I don't know about the second part, but I've never had Wordpress auto-updates work, either. I get the same error you get (can't remember the directory it references) every time I try. It isn't that difficult to upgrade manually, though - just dragging and dropping folders.

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For what it's worth I have also had this issue for all the years I've been on TCH. The auto updates work sporadically, sometimes would take 4-5 tries until one would finally stop halting with errors like you describe (and the directories failed on would vary each time, so there's no single culprit).


My only workable solution was to switch to manual updates. For updating the whole WP installation, download and unzip the package and check out the readme.html file. You basically only need to upload the new over the old (the config stuff doesn't exist in the new so it doesn't get overwritten) and then visit one URL (specified in the readme) within your blog where you can update the database with a single click. Done.


Just be sure to do a full backup first. I usually FTP the entire blog folder to my desktop, just to be safe.


For plug-ins, the ones I use only require I FTP the new unzipped folder up over the old one, and sometimes re-enable in the dashboard. Also very easy.


Hope this helps!

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Yeah, I've never gotten the auto upgrade to work either, however, I did find a great plugin called "Wordpress Automatic Upgrade" which I've used a few times thus far. It takes you through steps from backing up your files (where you can download them onto your hard drive), downloading latest Wordpress update, putting it into maintenance mode, disabling plugins, etc. Only takes a few minutes and I've never had a problem (*knock on wood*) thus far with it.

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I have no problems with the auto upgrade but I have seen the error many times. This issue on our server was originally being caused by security software we run, which was corrected. If you are still having trouble, please try/check the following:


*Delete the upgrade directory under /wp-content, wordpress will recreate it when you run the upgrade.


*If using a FTP account you created in cPanel, try using your cPanel user/pass instead.


*Check the ownership and permissions of the dir/file in the error(although most likely not the issue).


*Cross your fingers and if it still doesn't work please open a ticket we will gladly take a look at.

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