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Clarification On Backup Wizard

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Looking at the instructions on the C Panel backup wizard there are options to make a full or partial backup.

However, the note under the full backup appears to indicate that you cannot restore the site from the full backup.

Is my interpretation correct?

What is the best practice for site backup using the backup wizard?



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You can actually restore from a full site backup but I believe you need to get the helpdesk to do it for you. Someone may correct me on that but I am pretty sure that is how it works.


What I tend to do personally is take backups of my database separately using a script called dbsender.php and then I take periodic home directory backups via FTP or using the home backup option in cpanel.


Everyone will have their own techniques but this works for me personally.



Edit: Thomas beat me to the punch!!! Damn!

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In reality, only the help desk can restore the full backup, but you can extract that full backup on your own machine and restore what ever files you need using FTP. It creates a .gz (gzipped file) so all you need is a program that can extract .gz files. When extracted it will create your directory tree as it appears on the server.


Like OJB, I backup my databases using dbsender but don't make "home" backups and instead use the "full backup" option.

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