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Mail Man Replacement


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I have been using Mailman for my mailing list, and while it works it sure is ugly.


I have been looking around for a replacement 3rd party mailing list package to install, it will have to be compatible with TCH however, I have a list manager function in the SMF bulletin boards that I operate and when I try to use them TCH has limits on the number of emails that can be sent in a given time period so cannot send a mailing to my entire list at one time.


I am looking for some think that will let me send HTML encoded emails without adding all the ugly text only headers and footers to my message.


Thanks in advance



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Please try phpList, as it supports both html emails and having the capability of sending mails as batches - that will allow you to send news letters without disturbing the server limits. You can have a look at h**p://www.phplist.com for more details of this mailing list.


Also, you can install phpList with single click installation through Fantastico :thumbup1:

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