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Please note that /sqmail was a custom installation provided by us for the users who are not able to connect to webmail because of local network blocking the webmail ports 2095/2096. However, cPanel implemented a proxy sub domains to access webmail at http://webmail.YOURDOMAIN/'>http://webmail.YOURDOMAIN/ that works on the normal apache port 80. As cPanel itself is provided with the new method to access webmail on port 80, we have to deprecate the custom squirrelmail installation at /sqmail and we advice to use the new method http://webmail.YOURDOMAIN/


If you are not able to access webmail through proxy sub domain, please open a ticket to the help desk.

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Kindly note that the squirrelmail installation at http://YOURDOMAIN/sqmail was a custom installation we maintained so that clients could access their emails while traveling and / or if the webmail port 2095 is blocked. CPanel introduced Proxydomains which would port all requests coming to port 2095 to the standard http port 80. The url for this proxy access is http://webmail.YOURDOMAIN/

Since cpanel itself is supporting what we originally intended, we have started to depreciate this custom installation from our servers. That is why our tech told you to use the non-proxy link for webmail.


CPanel too can be accessed via proxy instead of default port 2082 via http://cpanel.YOURDOMAIN


Let me know if you have further questions.

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