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I'm getting back into a realm of tech support that requires me to host services on line again, so I hope to be returning to TCH after a few years of being away. I am a volunteer trying to set up a CiviCRM database for a small nonprofit organization and wanted to know if TCH could meet these requirements?:




When I checked the forums I found this post http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=36383 and in it are some comments by one of the tech support reps which suggest InnoDB support has been turned off, then back on due to some issues which were eventually fixed due to some finer grained SQL configuration options that are part of MySQL 5.x server. So, can I assume that TCH and InnoDB support are happily working together since version 5.x?


As I further researched the issue I learned that MySQL 5.1.42 through 5.1.45 include InnoDB Plugin 1.0.6, which is considered of Release Candidate (RC) quality. MySQL 5.1.46 and up include InnoDB Plugin 1.0.7, which is considered of General Availability (GA) quality. http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/innodb.html


Would you know when TCH might be considering upgrading from their older MySQL 5.0.89 that they currently have?



Thanks and God bless !

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I sure hope so. Because I've volunteered at least a couple hundred hours on choosing the best OpenSource database for this nonprofit organization I'm trying to help.


I was told in a chat session with one of the techs (I don't know who is "manning" those chat stations)that under shared hosting innodb is not active but I can have it in TCH's dedicated plan (at about $80bucks).


However on a "not 'all' about me" note :-) ... As I've been looking at dozens of OpenSource databases it would seem that TCH would really want to get in this market inside or under the price scale of some of the other's offering those services for OpenSource databases. I've read online that companies like *** who are offering this about the $12 mark.


I 'really' don't want to go anywhere else though if I can help it. TCH set a level of customer service performance with me several years ago that I just don't think that I'm going to be able to top anywhere :-)


Thanks again,

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Welcome to the forum, tg3793. :)


I have removed the hosting service you mentioned in your post. Please do not link to other hosts.


Good to see you again Thomas. Not sure if you remember me. I used to host just a few websites here; freebytes.org, igottcha.com, and a couple of others. It's been a few years but I hope to be coming back this week. Scott Abrams just replied to my support ticket and said that "Innodb is enabled on your server"


He's mentioned that phrase "on your server" a couple of times so I am guessing there is a "ghost" of igottcha.com still there at TCH. But none the less perhaps that will make it easier for me in my coming back. I still own that domain and would like to reclaim it when I go online again this week.


God bless!


Timothy Gott

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