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Many Thanks Tina And Scott!

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It embarrasses me to admit just how stressed out I got trying to figure out what to do and how to do it when Google Blogger would no longer support FTP. I went from pillar to post and no one could point me in the direction I needed to go to get the answers I needed to switch to a new program. I'd get directions and they would be the wrong directions and I'd end up back at square one, probably making a worse and worse mess of my files as I went. I still had all the paperwork from the time I first dipped my toes into this crazy world of websites and blogging and FTP ... but they might as well have been written in Greek.


Tina and Scott on the Help Desk stuck with me and saved my bacon, and did it with kindness and attention to detail. I am very appreciative of their efforts on my behalf and the fact that they did not just give up on my when I told them something did not work. They followed up and got things back on track.


Many thanks.



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