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Threats Of Legal Action

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Hi all


I am currently hosting a site on my reseller acc for a friend of mine.


The content of the site relates his experience with a large spread betting company- in short he feels that he has been ripped off.


The company in question is now threatening legal action. They have an issue with the domain name and the site content.


I have advised him to change the domain name.


His legal advice is that the content is OK.


The spreadbetting firm say that they have/are contacting TCH with a view to the site being taken down.


In the meantime I have removed the content pending a reply to a support ticket that i have submitted.


Does anyone have any advice?


I dont want to have to kowtow to some bully just because they say so but by the same token I don't want to fall foul of the TCH t&cs.

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just an update


Spoke to the legal dept and they had been approached a month ago.


They replied to the spreadbetting firm that the site was an expression of opnion and as such covered by the first amendment. I was relived to discover that I had not strayed outside of the TOCs.


I shall probably leave the site down whilst I ask my friend to get a second legal opinion.


In the meantime he has been told by the firm that using their company name infringes the trademark laws, I guess that they mean in both the domain name and the site content...


I had assumed that this would only be an issue if one were trying masquerade as the real company and mislead the public into a sale.

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