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Emergency Network Maintenace

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Tomorrow night at 10pm we will be performing emergency network maintenance on our core networking devices.


Firstly, we will be swapping in a new core router for our entire network. This will result is a brief periods of non-connectivity for the entire TotalChoice Network. We do not anticipate this outage to last longer than 10 - 30 minutes, however we are giving a 2 hour maintenance window to complete this work.


At the same time we will be conducting other improvements to our network. I will be posting a complete thread on our new network sometime later tonight. In this thread I will go over all the improvements we are making to our network and the impact that these improvements will have on our client base. These upgrades are going to really improve our capacity and will add additional fail over components for network up-time. Even though our network up time has been stellar, there is always room to improve on what we have in place and this is what we are doing at this time.


Anyways, enough rambling on here.


Follow ups to come later tonight on the rest of the upgrades taking place.

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We are currently running behind schedule and the maintenance has been bumped to 11:30 through 1:30AM, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your understanding.

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We have completed the first phase of this network maintenance.


Things are going very well so far. We should be completed with this maintenance in the next ten minutes.

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All network maintenance has been completed and there should be no further outages, we thank everyone for there understanding and again apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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