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Changing Ownership Of Scripts?


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Using a php proxy script to intercept all calls between a web aplication and the destination server.

Trying to resolve a pesky '403 forbidden' error I get on the destination server.


Came across this post o stackoverflow



Is it possible, in order to execute properly, I need to make my php script a member of the httpd group?? If so, how do I do this?


to summarize

...Generally, 403 means that the web server doesn't have the rights to read the file and therefore can't continue the request. The permissions may be set correctly, however the file might be owned by another account on the server - an account that isn't part of the same group as the account which is running the server.

For instance, I believe* Apache is ran by default under the httpd user account, which is part of the httpd group. However, the FTP user you're logging in as (for instance ftpuser) might not be part of the httpd group. So, in copying the file you've created it under a different user account and Apache won't get execute access with 644.


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Ok, thanks

I've been trying to get a web application that needs a php url proxy to work with another server. (its for a Twitter application)


Could you confirm or deny that I am able to use php proxy scripts on TotalChoice?


Spent the last week trying to troubleshoot this...

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From the TCH Acceptable Use Policy


Network Management


You are responsible for ensuring that the services obtained from TotalChoice Hosting are used in an appropriate manner by your customers and users. Therefore, you must take steps to manage the use of the services obtained from TotalChoice Hosting in such a way that network abuse is minimized. You must also make information publicly available about how to contact you, and you must respond in a timely manner to complaints concerning misuse of the services obtained from TotalChoice Hosting . Failure to responsibly manage the use of the services obtained from TotalChoice Hosting may be cause for termination of services to you.


You must designate one or more individuals ("Contacts") to be responsible for every host, IP network or subnet connected to the Internet through the use of the services. You must provide Contact names, phone numbers, and postal and e-mail addresses ("Contact Information") to any and all appropriate Domain Name Registrars prior to the initial network connection of your service. You must keep Contact Information updated and accurate at all times. Changes in the Contact Information must be sent to the appropriate Domain Name Registrars in a timely manner. Contacts must have the authority, access and tools necessary to configure, operate and control access to your systems.


For important timesharing hosts, primary domain name servers and mail relays or gateways, Contacts must be accessible to TotalChoice Hosting via telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every customer who allows third party access to the services provided by TotalChoice Hosting , whether such third parties are employees, users or customers, must maintain a postmaster address for the receipt of complaints by e-mail. Messages delivered to the postmaster address must be reviewed and handled in a timely manner.

Additionally, you may not run any type of proxy service from your account. This includes but is not limited to a http proxy.


So the short answer is you cannot run a proxy.

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