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My Php Proxy Script..request Feedback


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Can any php experts provide feedback on the following url proxy script?


Initially it threw an error, saying the HTTPRequest2 class was missing.

So I went to my cpanel, located that particular PHP script and tried installing it.

Got an error though trying to install (Thats another issue!)



// First validate that the request is to an actual web address

if(!preg_match("#https?://#", $_GET['path'])) {

header("HTTP/1.1 404 Not found");

echo "Content not found, bad URL!";




// Make the request

$req = new HTTP_Request2($_GET['path']);

$response = $req->send();

// Output the content-type header and use the content-type of the original file

header("Content-type: " . $response->getHeader("Content-type"));

// And provide the file body

echo $response->getBody();


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I am not versed in HTTPRequest2 but the preg_match I don't think will work with hashes and without a start and end delimiter.


Surely it would have to be something more like:


>if(!preg_match('/https?:\/\//', $_GET['path'])) {


I thought hashes were used for comments.

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