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Hey guys!


I'm sorry to say that I've become one of those that pop in only to ask a question then poof off till the next inquiry. :(


Today's question is about offleashmedia.com. I've received some PMs via my forum complimenting me and it...blah blah blah..... and offering to purchase it for "many thousands of dollars" yet I would remain as admin and could keep my mods in place but offleashmedia would take over the technology and grow the community. :blink:


Now, I do LOVE my site and of course think it's THE BEST site about boxer dogs but even I don't think it's worth many thousands of dollars!


I can't believe this is a legit offer but was curious if anyone else had dealing with them.


Thanks for any input.


OH NO.... I'm Distant Family! :) :crybaby:

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As Bruce says, congratulations if it is legit.


Just because you don't see your site as being worth that, other people may. You have what appears to be a strong community going on in your forum. I would put money on betting that any one willing to buy your site is probably 90% or more interested in getting their hands on your member base as opposed to the site itself. Anyone can build a site, not everyone can get an active community of members. Companies pay thousands even millions of dollars to acquire email addresses or people who may be interested in their product.


Don't sell yourself short!

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