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Dns Transfer Help!


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I'm having problems trying to get a domain I bought a couple of weeks ago through GoDaddy transferred over to TCH so I can start working on the site. The domain is: nevadaknits.com.


I saw a screen ... somewhere ... that gave step by step instructions. But I lost that page and can't find it again. So, when all else fails, hit the forums! :) and found this:




Then I clicked on the godaddy link. The initial video screen came up, I waited a bit, nothing. So I clicked PLAY. The vid-screen went blank and no tutorial came up and played. I'm pretty sure I have all the latest viewers, etc.


I looked on the GoDaddy site and they sure have changed things around since I last did a transfer!! :) Not much help on their end.





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AH, trust me to get things going backwards! :) I haven't purchased the hosting account for this new domain yet. Will do so now. Then will follow the instructions on that link you sent.



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Woo Hoo!! Everything worked like a charm, TCH-Thomas! Got my hosting acct for this new domain, put in DNS on GoDaddy and whoosh! It's all up and running. Was able to get an initial index page up. I feel so silly that I forgot I had to get the hosting package set up first. DUH!


Thank you so much, Thomas!

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