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What To Do About My Bandwith Issue?

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okay...not sure if this is the correct forum...but i couldn't find another to put it in. my website traffic in the past 4 or 5 days has increased in traffic by about 300% due to it getting listed pretty good in the search engines. With that being said...if it keeps up this pace of bandwith usage, im gonna run out before the next billing month comes around....logical thing would be to upgrade...but if i upgrade now i will actually only be upgrading for the current month correct? so i will have paid twice for one month of service correct? maybe i'm misunderstanding how upgrading goes....if anybody could fill me in that would rock...thanks!!

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If you upgrade, you will be upgrading your account to the next year for forever, not just for one month.


So say your on the excellant $4 a month deal but need the upgrade to silver $5, your web account is then permentanly a silver account.


You could buy more bandwidth but whats the point when the cheaper option is the account upgrade?


Whether you pay twice or not depends on your current billing arrangement. I suggest you drop a help ticket into the support desk and we can give you the low down on exactley what will happen and how much it will cost you.



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