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Scrolling Challenge!


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Hey CSSers,


So here's the trick:


Site: http://krisvdv.net/portfoliocss/places/

CSS: http://krisvdv.net/portfoliocss/ndxz-studio/site/PIXistez%20White/style.css


The goal is to have a fixed header and footer, and allow the images to scroll horizontally. It looks and works great UNTIL you test in a smaller window size. Then, for some reason I can't figure out, as soon as you need a vertical scroll, the footer div can no longer be seen... thus not allowing visitors to see the bottom links.


Any ideas?




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In #footer, change position: fixed; to position: inherit; and the problem should go away.

Hi Dick,


Thanks for your reply.


Yes, you're right. However, the whole point of having it position: fixed is so the bottom nav not scroll along with the photos.


Any other ideas given these requirements?



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Hey All,


Thanks for your suggestions and ideas. I've tried a lot of different programming related solutions and have given up. I've shifted the problem to being design related and have now changed the site's design to fit the programming. Done.




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