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I am using a theme that has additional templates available for such things as pages, comments, etc. My problem is that when I go in to edit or create a new WP page and try and select a template that I want that page to use, it only shows Archives and Links available, no others. Those template files have been uploaded and are in the themes folder. I have read a lot of docs at WordPress.org. When I go to Appearance, then Editor, I'm not able to make changes and save them. I don't typically make file changes this was, usually with Dreamweaver, but at the bottom of the page it refers to Codex, which I clicked the link. I read through all the codex info, made changes to permissions, which I since returned to the default permissions. After making the changes to permissions, I was able to make changes to the template files and save them, but when I went back to edit/create pages, still only Archives and Links showed for available templates.


Sorry if I'm rambling. Can anyone tell me how to make the additional template files available? Thank you for any and all assistance.

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Seems you don't have the correct theme selected in the editor. All themes have their own folders. Select which theme you want to edit (from the dropdown) and all files in the theme folder should appear in the list. I don't edit my files on the server, I do them on my PC and then upload them to the theme folder.

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I just double checked, and it is showing my selected theme. That really isn't the issue, as I do edit all my files with Dreamweaver.

The issue at hand is that I am not able to select a different template available within the theme, as I previously described.

If you go in to edit or create a new page, on the right is a box labeled Attributes. Then one of the options is to which template you want for that page. It doesn't show all the templates available, and can't figure out how to get the other templates to appear in this drop-down.

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Sounds like there is something wrong with your installation or your themes folder is messed up some how. I have 4 themes installed on my main blog. The "WP-Andreas09, "Wordpress Classic", "Wordpress Default", and "Tiga". There is a separate folder for each of those in my themes folder. Selecting the drop down list I can access any one of them.

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I'm not sure that your understanding what I am saying. In themes, I also have multiple themes available to me to activate, that's not the issue.


If a theme designer has put it in place, you can have a different layout or look to different pages, but maintain your overall theme. Such as on an About or Contact page, not having a sidebar with all the widgets and stuff. There is so much flexibility available, but you have to be able to access it.


When different templates within a theme have been designed, you select the particular template when you create a new page, in the Attribute box on the right.



Just to see if there maybe a problem with WP, I activated one of the other Themes, then went in to edit a page, selected the drop-down for a different template and other templates were available. I have since reactivated my theme.


I'm starting to think that maybe there is an issue with the Theme itself, that there is a coding issue somewhere that is causing WP to not recognize that there are additional custom templates available. Maybe I'll be looking for a different theme.

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I'm using WP version 2.8.6 and in the theme editor of that version this is what I see. All files for this theme are displayed and able to be edited (provided I change the permissions on the folder).


It could be possible the theme you have is causing the problem. Which one is it?


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When using custom templates, whether includied in the theme or adding your own, you need to insure they are setup properly. So if I wanted to create a template for say my RSS feeds, then I would create rsspage.php and include the following code at the top of this file:


Template Name: RSSpage


If you have done this and you still can not select the page template, then there is an issue with the theme you are using.



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