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Coupleof New Virus


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While looking for a fix to mwtars virus i found some info on a couple of new ones. The BEST way to protect yourself vrom a virus is dont poen anything that your not sure where it came from, opening attachments that you are unsure of is like opening your front door and letting the burglar in.


On Monday, another worm surfaced that was written to remove Blaster from infected computers and patch the hole. That worm, dubbed "Welchia" or "Nachi," was temporarily paralyzing many corporate networks, experts reported.


In addition, an e-mail hoax was circulating, purporting to be a patch from Microsoft for the security hole Blaster exploits. But the e-mail instead contains a Trojan application that installs itself on the computer as a back door enabling an attacker remote access to the system.

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Something to consider as well. Just because you get an email from someone you know with an attachment dosnt mean its safe. Notice the language of the email or attachment. My mom is a total novice with a computer, if I got an email from her with the subject of or an attachment titled "Check this out" I would know she didnt intend to send it. She would never use that phrase. If you are unsure, reply and ask if they meant to send it.

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