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Phpbb 3.0.6 Released

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A few days ago, phpBB announced release 3.0.6.


Some of the new features include a quick reply box, RSS feeds, and enhanced CAPTCHA options. I just upgraded the forum on one of my sites last night. Although my board is heavily modified, the update program was able to resolve most of the conflicts in integrating the changed code. So far, I have only found a couple of things that didn't work right, and those were fairly easy to resolve.

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Jeren, upgrading the themes is what complicated my install. I offer my users a choice between stock prosilver (ok, it has some mods) and two other themes that I made using the prosilver template.


I think that if you want to use the quick reply, if your theme is prosilver based (or close to it) you just need to edit your template/viewtopic_body.html to include the following:

after <!-- END postrow -->

<!-- INCLUDE quickreply_editor.html -->
<!-- ENDIF -->


and, of course, make sure that quickreply_editor.html is in your template folder.


I didn't like the stock installation of the feature, where you have to click a "Quick Reply" button in order to open the form, so I made another little change to quickreply_editor.html that will elimate that step.


Several of my forum users, especially the frequent posters, have commented very positively about the feature.

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