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Featured Content Issue


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Maybe someone can help with this issue: So, with this new theme there is a featured content that I'm having a problem with. I posted this on the developers forum -


"I love the featured content slider but one thing I noticed was when I had 3 of them, it would go from 1 to 2 and then stop there. If I click the next post button, it'll go to the third one. And even with 2, it would not cycle through. Not sure, but maybe I'm missing a setting (very possible)?


Here is the main page where I have it: http://moviemansguide.com/main"



"Not really sure what's going on - I use the featured slider on my test box with 30+ posts and don't run into any problems. Plus the piece of JavaScript I am using is very well known (JQuery Cycle) - I wouldn't expect it to have bugs of this sort. My advice to you would be to try using a featured posts plugin that will help you display this. Maybe there is something about your page that the template doesn't like."


Could it be an issue with the javascript and the server?

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