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I'm trying to get YaBB up and running but keep getting "Internal Server Error". I've made sure everything is in the right folders and the first line of YaBB.pl is #!/usr/bin/perl like it should be. I've made sure TotalChoice uses a version of Perl 5.0 or greater. I've looked at all the help pages here and at the Yabb website but haven't got it working yet. Any help greatly appreciated. I'm 55 years old and used to work as a computer programmer many years ago with FORTRAN but they way things are done these days are completely different.


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ok i just set up YABB on my site, the config is pretty simple so i'm betting you got that right. One thing that was kind of a pain in the butt is chmoding all those files. First thing i would do is go back thru and make sure all the files are chmoded correctly.


Also, when you uploaded did you upload images in binary and script/code in asci?

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