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I have read a couple of threads and post concerning subdomains but I think that my question needs to be asked anyway. I am very busy right now with various things but I would like to add a subdomain devouted exclusivly to the artist lyrics the my siye is based on. The problem is I have someone else who is going to handeling the subdomain almost exclusivly due to time issues. They will be building the subdomain and managing it with my instructions. They will be an un-paid employee of sorts.

The problem is I ran across a thread dealing with subdomains and TCH's policy concerning this sort of thing. I dont want to give off the impression that they are two different sites from two different people like I'm hosting their site. The thing is it may appear that way with ftp access comming from a different isp than mine or exclusive ftp access from this person to the sub-domain.

Anyway, am I over reacting or what? I dont want to break the policy rules and have my web hosting revoked due to what might appear as a way around upgrading to a re-sellers package.

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