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Mosetstree 2.00 Add Listing Problems


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Once again my un-lucky combination "Joomla + MosetsTree".

Description of the problem: I use Joomla 1.013 with MosetsTree 2.00 (further - MT). MT is used to add listings. I usually add updates for my site for a week and when I am at vacations- for a month. This summer everything was going ok. Updates were displayed, auto-updated. So far, so good.

With September the first problems came. As always, it was Saturday, I was adding updates with my MT, once again for a week. When I came to job - only Sunday updates were shown. Had to re-add listings from work, create new admin. Everything was going ok. This week, the problem continued, same scenario again. Today, I tried to revive previously added listings - but to no results. Then I deleted listing, recreated it, almost word to word - and it worked.

I asked this question on Mosets forum, but received no answer. Google does not show anything good. On my Lithuanian forums I was offered a solution - to check (how?) if my Cron is working properly and if MT conflicts with MySQL. Easy to say - check if Cron works properly. How?

It hardly can be servers fault (and my server is Quanton) as no serious problems were reported with it withing last month.

Is there any solution to this?

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Once again me with that unlucky MosetsTree.

Is there any freeware alternative to the MosetsTree? (Yes, Mt is almost the best, but it is expensive and if you have 'grey' copy, you are in trouble. Besides, their forum won't help too). If such alternative exists - would it be difficult to migrate from MT to alternative?

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Bumping up old thread. I don't think I need to open a new thread as the question would be -once again - about MosetsTree (MT).

I have new version installed - however, I ask myself what should I do after they release new version:

1) buy new MT version for ~80$ and live in paid happiness forever.

2) switch from MT to any free alternative, like Oscommerce - pay for data transfer and live without paying to Mosets, forever.

What should I do? Your opinions?

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